Under the Sea

12 Days of Christmas Books

This set includes:
The Eye of the Whale - This incredible true story of four brave and caring divers who freed a trapped 50-foot humpback whale is truly awe inspiring. You and your children will be transfixed as sparse text allows beautiful, descriptive images to take center stage as the story unfolds. Most incredibly, once the whale was freed, she swam to each diver and gave them a gentle nudge with her huge face and gave a special treat to the head diver before finally plunging back into the dark sea. This dramatic story is a powerful reminder that all creatures are indeed connected. This book will give readers and listeners chills and is one you’ll want to enjoy time and time again. 30 page, hardcover.
Bath Diver - Your child will be delighted at bath time by this classic tub toy. Simply wind him up, then place in the water to watch him swim away. 7.5" long.

The Eye of the Whale The Eye of the Whale $16.95
Bath Diver Bath Diver $5.95

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