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When Chinaberry began back in 1982, founder Ann Ruethling personally handled each order - with the help of her 2-year-old daughter Elizabeth. It was a long, cold winter and Ann and Elizabeth wanted to pass the time reading together. But Ann was disturbed by the lack of caring and respect expressed in many of the children's books she found at the library. Before long, she found another mission in life: to search out books for Elizabeth that were positive and uplifting. Thus, Chinaberry was conceived - at first finding books for friends and then as a catalog business to make it easier for parents everywhere to buy the books she had found.

Today, the Chinaberry catalog is mailed to more than 3.5 million people worldwide and we sell more than one million books annually. Chinaberry now offers many other products that are perfect for children and every member of the family.

Our hope is that Chinaberry continues to thrive in the same spirit it has since its humble beginnings during that cold, dark winter in Oregon. 

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