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Now you can support the school of your choice while you shop at Chinaberry for your favorite family treasures. Chinaberry has two online affiliates who will use the commissions we give them to support your school.

Go to one of the sites listed here and sign up. Then, click on the Chinaberry link on their site every time you shop with us. There's no extra cost to you, and your school benefits every time.

One of the best year-round school support programs, this website will guide you through their sign up process and get you started earning your school 5% of your Chinaberry purchases. Chinaberry is listed alphabetically in their merchant section. Click here to start shopping.

Shop online while 4% of your purchase goes to the school of your choice. A fun and easy way for your Chinaberry purchase to make a difference. Chinaberry is located alphabetically in their "Merchants" listing. Click here to shop Chinaberry at SchoolMall.

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