Spring 2014 -- Savor What Makes Your Heart Sing

Dear Friends

I eat lunch at my desk pretty regularly, and half the time I'm on the computer checking something out. In fact there are some days when I don't see the outdoors until it's time to go home. While this is not the healthiest thing I could do, it's become a habit -- until the day I forgot my lunch. Now I've popped out before for something quick or to do an errand, but today was different. I could feel it once I stepped outside. It was one of those crisp, clear days that's just starting to warm up -- simply a perfect spring day.

After I picked up my lunch, I found myself pulling in by a little park -- it was almost as if my car was driving itself! I sat and opened both windows, put my head back, and just appreciated the beauty of the outdoors. My worries about getting my long To Do list completed by the end of the day were floating away on the gentle breeze. The images I had of juggling waaaay too many balls in the air, with several about to drop, had simply disappeared.

Instead, I spent time savoring the bright green grass, the new leaves on the trees, and the gorgeous day that beckoned me to take a deep calming breath. Basking in the early spring warmth, I vowed that I would take time for myself, I would get outside more, enjoy the beautiful weather, take a break.

This spring, I wish the same for you -- take the time to step away from your own personal hustle and bustle, fill yourself up with a rejuvenating stroll outside, turn on some music that takes you to your private island getaway in your mind, and spend some time savoring whatever makes your heart sing.

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