As you read through our website and our catalogs, you'll know that we're revealing our hearts and souls when we write about what we love. And occasionally we reveal even more of our lives - when we refer to our children. We know it can be confusing to read about an Evan here and a Heidi there and have no framework into which to place these names, especially when the kids seem to have grown up within the pages of one catalog! Some of our best-selling books stay in the catalog for years and our children keep on growing. To unravel this confusion, we're offering a little background on who's who just to make things clearer.

On a hope and a dream, Ann founded Chinaberry in 1982. Knowing the power that books can hold in children's lives, she passionately searched for books to share first with her own children and then with her extended Chinaberry family. Both of Ann's children, Elizabeth and Evan, show up throughout the catalog - sometimes as little kids and sometimes older, as they are now.

Patti began her life with Chinaberry when Becca, her oldest daughter was 3, Laura was a newborn, and Heidi and Aidan were just twinkles in the sky waiting to be born. Throughout the years, Patti's writing has reflected the lessons and blessings these compassionately loving (book-crazy) teachers have brought to her life.

Janet has been enthusiastically involved with Chinaberry since her oldest daughter, Ann, was 7 and her youngest, Kathryn, was on the way. Now grandson Tristin adds to the mix, giving his seal of approval on Level 1 books and Other Delights. As a licensed esthetician, Janet is always on the look-out for the best of the best in holistic body and skin care.

Lucinda comes from a long line of "bibliomaniacs," growing up with wall-to-wall books and loving the wonder of words. She has passed this love on to her daughter Eliza, her nieces and nephews, and all the children she reaches in her writing, storytelling and spiritual direction work with families/communities. Reading and annotating for Chinaberry helps fulfill her lifelong passion for nourishing our children's imaginations and creative gifts to the world.

Kevin, who began his Chinaberry mission in Customer Service and the Book Fair department, developed a deep appreciation of fine children's literature in his previous job as a pre-school teacher. For six glorious years he had the privilege of finger painting, ducking goose, umpiring kickball disputes, aiding in the struggle with tricky math homework and, best of all, sharing his favorite books at story time. He's very proud to be writing for Chinaberry, where he can share his love of books...

Sheila began her connection with Chinaberry more than fifteen years ago when her oldest was just a young babe! Back then she relied on Chinaberry for quality books for her boys. Now Daniel and Ben are teenagers -- which happened in that veritable blink of an eye -- and while she's not reading them children's books anymore, she hopes her love of reading continues to rub off on them and many of our wonderful Chinaberry families.

Julie has worked at Chinaberry since before her oldest son was born. 'Book' is often the first word out of her younger son's mouth every morning! Now that she has three kids who love to read stories together, there are a lot more opportunities to snuggle up with a great Chinaberry book.

Often seen walking with her nose in a book, Heather has enjoyed reading and sharing her love of Chinaberry books for years. Her new book buddy is her nephew, Liam, who insists upon reading every book at least ten times.

Fiona is an honest-to-goodness Chinaberry kid, now all-grown-up. Having spent a deliriously wonderful childhood listening to, reading and then living the very lessons she learned from Chinaberry books, she now writes intensely quirky annotations for the catalog she loved as a lass. Additionally, Fiona is an extremely valuable marketer in the web department, heading up our email program and generally making digital waves wherever she goes. She's an overwhelmingly kind soul, an inspiration to her lucky friends, a fine mother to an appropriate number of cats, and a proud vegetarian, like her favorite musician, Paul McCartney.

Tina began her journey with Chinaberry 17 years ago when her first son was born. Thanks to Grandma, both her sons have never had a shortage of Chinaberry books to read. As a recipient of fabulous Chinaberry books, then a devoted customer, and now a proud employee, she spends her days in the Outlet Store surrounded by the wonderful products and people that make up Chinaberry.

Robin has many children in her life who have grown up on Chinaberry books, including her niece, nephews, and step-children. Robin has been a book lover since she learned to read and is rarely found without a book in her hand or bag. Books are truly her life's passion.

Janine's lifelong love of reading led to a career in book publishing, which introduced her to Chinaberry. Now in her current role as Mom, she shares her passion for books with Jarratt, her incredibly inquisitive pre-schooler, and blossoming baby Nina, both of whom, along with Chinaberry books, make storytime the most gratifying part of each day.

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