All parents have the same dream for their children: that they grow up happy, healthy, self-reliant, and confident in themselves and their abilities. This book shows how to make this dream for our c...


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What Do You Really Want For Your Children?

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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Don't let the title of this book irritate you. If you're like I am, you resist being told by a complete stranger how to really love your child or how to determine what it is you really want for your child, so this book sat around for a while before I could bear to read it. But there is an immensity to the insights and direction contained herein! Not a day goes by in our house lately without a "Wayne Dyer conversation." He's become a household word.

Dyer covers a broad list of topics. The following sub-topics, for instance, are contained within the "Self Reliance" chapter: details on how children feel as they learn to think, how blame works, choosing inner rather than outer direction, curbing a child's need for approval, typical child and parent behaviors which inhibit development of self-reliance, the psychological support system that the adult receives for raising outer-directed children, strategies for helping children to be non-blamers and inner-directed.

He presents some ideas which may knock you off your chair, or at least make you realize you really hadn't been as thorough as you thought you'd been. The lineup of chapters goes like this: I Want My Children To ... Value Themselves, To Be Risk-Takers, To Be Self-Reliant, To Be Free From Stress and Anxiety, To Have Peaceful Lives, To Celebrate Their Present Moments, To Experience a Lifetime of Wellness, To Be Creative, To Fulfill Their Higher Needs, and To Feel A Sense of Purpose.

Mind you, there are over 400 pages in this book, but Dyer's rather flamboyant writing style keeps you going. That and the fact that you won't want to miss the insights and suggestions he has compiled for you.

This is an important book. It is an outstanding book to give to parents for any occasion.

(Ages: Adult)

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