Filled with descriptions of enticing food and the stories of eight cooking school students, this book will change how you loook at food.


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The School of Essential Ingredients

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Erica Bauermeister

This book may very well change the way you look at food. Prepare yourself for a culinary masterpiece about the wonder and joy of food as seen through the eyes of a gifted cook and the stories of her eight students who yearn to create enticing dishes and in the process discover essential truths about themselves.

Lillian has been entranced with food since she was young, learning the magic of cooking from her friend Abuelita and the miracle of the freshest, just-picked ingredients from a generous neighbor. In her monthly cooking classes, Lillian teaches students soul-satisfying dishes from the heart.
The students range from Chloe, a young woman trying to find herself, to Isabelle who's on the other end of her life, trying to hold on to memories that keep slipping away. One of the best parts of reading this book was seeing each person transformed by the tantalizing aromas and flavors of the kitchen.

Don't be surprised if you want to head out to your farmer's market and produce your own feast to savor with friends! I've read this gem twice already and will return to it again not only for the satisfying stories, but also for the rewarding feeling of being filled with the sensuality of delicious, soulful meals.

(Ages: Adult)

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