Written in an upbeat and practical style, this book offers young people concrete ways to work with conflict, and bullying, while teaching them how to stand up for themselves at home and at school.


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The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts

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How to Keep Cool, Stay Safe, and Get Along
Naomi Drew, M.A.

I'd like to slip this book into the backpack of every kid who's ten or older, with a note saying: "These are essential skills you will need in life, but few have mastered them. Your days at home and at school will be happier and less stressful if you spend time with this book. You will learn how to stand up for yourself and help defuse potential conflict, bullying, and fights, without shouting or violence. You will learn how to speak so people really hear you; become a better listener; handle your anger, and understand your own ways of dealing with conflict. You could become a better person and be happier and more peaceful. Trust me, it is possible -- especially if you read this book!"

I feel certain most young people would open it. They know full well how tough it is to be a kid in today's world, how hard it is at school and in some homes to choose a peaceful path instead of anger and violence. I love that the book is written specifically for the kids. It is upbeat and practical, with real life examples of conflicts and how kids solved them, activities, self-tests, and action plans to bring the ideas into everyday life. Get this book into your child's hands! It's a vital lifeline -- for us all.

(Ages: 10 and up)

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