Never disappointing, T.A. Barron continues his Merlin saga in The Great Tree of Avalon.


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The Great Tree of Avalon

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Child of the Dark Prophecy
T.A. Barron

Reading T.A. Barron's newest book, I am again reminded why we so love his work. Where else can you find books that so delicately combine mythology, care for the environment, great adventure, and, most importantly, an experience of the fears and joys of growing up?

Almost a thousand years ago, the great wizard Merlin planted a seed that grew into a tree. At the roots sprouted seven kingdoms inhabited by creatures and beings so diverse and unique that you might wonder how they could all co-exist.

Nevertheless, peace lives in the root kingdoms of Avalon until a strange idea gathers ground. What if human beings are the superior species? This idea begins to erode the layers of the society that has balanced Avalon for so long. As each kingdom grows closer to war and chaos, the mysterious Lady of the Lake makes a prophecy. A child will be born who can destroy the worlds of Avalon forever.

But there is one hope -- an heir to the great wizard Merlin who may be able to thwart this threat. Enter a motley but energetic bunch of heroes who have no idea what adventure lies ahead. A better setup for an epic -- no chance!

Barron's writing bestows his heart, no matter the story. His Merlin stories are favorites and we are overjoyed he has chosen to continue the Merlin epic. It is my humble opinion that a childhood with T.A. Barron's books is truly enhanced.

(Ages: 10 and up)

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