Ever wonder what happened after the spider went up the water spout? Hey, I'm not telling! You'll have a blast finding out about the further adventures of this popular arachnid.


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The Eensy-Weensy Spider

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Adapted By Mary Ann Hoberman
Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

My five-year-old nephew, Liam, and I have read this book since he was three, and he still requests it almost every night! Did you ever wonder what happened to the eensy-weensy spider after she went up the water spout? Well, wonder no longer, you're about to find out. We meet Eensy-Weensy, a lovely pink cotton-candy colored spider in a bright blue hat, making her way up a lavender water spout when, in a sudden cloudburst, she is "washed out" and ends up sunning herself dry -- before trying again that is.

After her daily exercise, she goes from the bug playground (where leaves are slides and a daisy makes a very merry merry-go-round), to swimming with a cranky old frog and going to the shoe store. And her adventures don't stop there. Walking in the park at night, she sees the shadows making spooky faces. Luckily, a glow worm and some fireflies help to light Eensy's way! This part of the story had my nephew pontificating about everything from why the spider was out at night, to why the glow worm didn't accompany her home (we think his Dad was calling him to supper!).

What makes this book unique is not only the further adventures of the spider, but the vivid, summery illustrations that just light up the page. The depictions of all the bug characters are sweet, comforting, and teeming with beach-blanket colors. I am convinced that this book turned Liam's fear of bugs into an affectionate fascination. Towards the end of her journey, Eensy-Weensy returns home where her mommy promptly feeds her bug soup and puts her to bed.

Of course, the end comes when, bright and early, the spunky spider starts the day with, yup, going up the old spout again! I guess you can't keep a good spider down! (The book includes the sheet music to the song and illustrations of the hand motions that accompany it.)

(Ages: 2 - 5 years)

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