Psychological drama, murder mystery, and romance novel, this story, set in Amish country, will have you glued to your seat.


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Plain Truth

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Jodi Picoult

You might as well stock up on food and drink right now, because once you start reading Plain Truth, you won't want to leave your easy chair! This psychological drama/murder mystery/ romance novel begins with the discovery of a dead infant in an Amish barn. Nobody in Lancaster County even knew 18-year-old Katie Fisher was pregnant, but circumstantial evidence suggests that this young, unmarried Amish woman gave birth to a boy and then took his life.

Everyone knows Katie to be a very loving and gentle young woman, so no one in the Amish community can conceive of her committing such a crime. And you can only imagine the tension and cultural clashes that transpire when Ellie Hathaway, a high-powered, big city attorney, comes to live on the farm with Katie to meticulously prepare to defend her in court.

Jodi Picoult was just as meticulous in her research of Amish life. Having lived with an Amish family on their farm, she gives us a glimpse into a lifestyle that is rarely accurately portrayed. This award-winning author skillfully weaves layer upon layer of mystery, suspense, passion, and heartache, culminating in a stunning surprise only five pages from the novel's end. I've never been a fan of murder mysteries, but this book has me rethinking my literary preferences!

(Ages: Adult)

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