Meet Me at the Moon celebrates the sweet bonds of closeness a mother and child can have, even when they are apart.


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Gianna Marino
Illustrated by Gianna Marino

When my daughter was a small child, I distinctly felt that she was part of my actual energy field and that, even if time and distance lay between us, we were really not separate at all. That tangible physical experience gradually lessened as she grew older, but I still feel that if I need to ''meet my daughter at the moon,'' I can, because our love and shared experience of earth, nature, and the elements as a mother force connects us still.

This oh, so lovely book honors the sweet bonds of closeness a mother and child can have together, even if the mother has to go away.

It also celebrates how, no matter how far a mother has to go, the earth and elements can carry messages back through the web of life to a waiting child. Such reassuring comfort is beautifully conveyed both through the illustrations and the story.

The book is stunning, each page full of life, color, and connection. "I don't want you to go...what if I can't hear or see you? What if you can't find me?" cries a baby elephant when his mother leaves to seek rain. "Listen for my sound on the wind...feel my love when you feel the warmth of the sun. Call for me, and meet me where the sky meets the me at the moon."

(Ages: 2 - 5 years)

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