Spend some time with a memorable group of seniors living at the Rosehaven Convalescent Center, who live as if they're oblivious to the fact that their bodies and the world have changed!


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Lunch at the Piccadilly

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Clyde Edgerton

My mother-in-law used to marvel at the fact that while she was 75 years old, in no way, shape, or form did she feel that old. Her body might look 75, she said, but she was pretty much the same inside as the person she'd been 50 or 60 years previously. I kept remembering this as I read Lunch at the Piccadilly.

The Rosehaven Convalescence Center is the setting for this funny, poignant story about a handful of oldsters living the last few years of their lives, apparently oblivious to the fact that their bodies and the world they live in have changed quite a bit. There's more to the story than that, though. There's absurdity, there's grace, there's innocence and the ever-present human condition.

It's quite a pleasure to spend some time with this group. And with Carl, Lil's middle-age nephew -- he's the narrator -- who gets roped into all sorts of dramas. He's the chauffeur, the voice of reason, the one who can see where things are headed, the guy with patience and a good heart who describes in memorable detail the often eccentric day-to-days of Maudie, Clara, and Beatrice, Lil's partners in crime, so to speak. Add L. Ray Flowers, the freelance preacher who is much younger but convalescing there for a brief period, and you have a handful of a good read.

It is quite a glowing, wacky, and compassionate portrait of these unforgettable seniors and those who care for them. Highly recommended for everyone, especially those who care about anyone in the twilight years of life.

(Ages: Adult)

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