Book 1 of The Protector of the Small quartet.


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Tamora Pierce

You know that sinking feeling when you turn the last page of a book and have to say goodbye to characters you have grown to know and love? Well, that feeling is a long time coming with this marvelous set of books. We get to travel with Keladry of Mindelan through four volumes, following her very difficult attempt to be the first girl without magical powers to become a Lady Knight in the court of Tortall.

I love that Keladry is simply human and has to strive and fight for her title without the aid of magic. Her achievements are all the more powerful and real, and young readers will be able to truly identify with her, for it is her sheer strength of character, courage, and determination that get her where she wants to go -- plus the special entourage of small birds and animals who help her fight her battles.

Keladry comes to the court as a ten-year-old and has to fight from day one to maintain her place amongst boys who do everything they can to make her leave. We accompany Kel through her years at court, watching her mature and grow into the role destiny has forged for her. Her success is never certain, and the odds are against her every step of the way. Boys will enjoy these books as much as girls, since the young men in Kel's life are strong characters in their own right, and the wars and battles and details of knighthood are fascinating. This is reading at its very best!

(Ages: 10 - 16 years)

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