A rich tapestry of a fantasy novel about one dragon's quest for sanctuary in a rapidly changing world, Dragon Rider is a fascinating, satisfying yarn, perfect for young readers.


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Dragon Rider

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Cornelia Funke

As exhilarating as a free ride on a dragon's back through moonlit skies, Dragon Rider is a delicious read from cover to cover and is sure to delight young readers, whether they're new to the genre or fantasy buffs from way back. Cornelia Funke crafts a children's fantasy yarn like no other author today. More than anything, her books are imminently readable and accessible to readers of just about any skill level and experience. This fantasy epic is no different.

It is a magnificent tale of one dragon's search for sanctuary in a world all too familiar to our own. When human development encroaches on a secluded corner of the world, home to the peaceful and solitude-loving dragons, only Firedrake, a large and beautiful blue dragon, understands the oncoming peril that always accompanies humans and their destructive machines.

As the more foolish dragons scurry off, hiding and hoping to go unnoticed by the two-legged invaders, Firedrake sets off in a race against time to find the Rim of Heaven, a mythical haven for dragons said to be hidden in the highest, most insurmountable mountains at the top of the world.

Along the journey, he'll encounter a cast of unforgettable characters, including talking rats, cantankerous brownies, conniving dwarves, a legendary sea serpent, a boy predestined for Dragon Riding greatness, and an ancient evil set on ridding the world of all dragonkind. This epic tale is a rich tapestry waiting to be explored by young readers. This is the kind of book that makes reading not only easy, but downright addictive.

(Ages: 9 - 14 years)

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