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Emily Windsnap's Four Swishy Tails: Follow the adventures of a girl who becomes a mermaid in the boxed set Emily Windsnap's Four Swishy Tails.
Emily Windsnap's Four Swishy Tails
Paperback Boxed Set
Regularly $26.99
Sale price $14.97
When You Wish Upon a Star: Singer Judy Collins and illustrator Eric Puybaret beautifully blend music and art to bring the classic song When You Wish Upon a Star to life.
When You Wish Upon a Star
Hardcover Book w/CD
Regularly $17.95
Sale price $8.97
Mystery Box 2: While we won't spoil the surprise by telling you what's in this Mystery Box, we can reveal that you'll get a variety of books for 2-6 year-olds.
Mystery Box 2
Regularly $100.00
Sale price $39.97
According to Humphrey Boxed Set: Discover how wise, clever, and encouraging Humphrey the hamster is in According to Humphrey, a boxed set of three of his adventures.
According to Humphrey Boxed Set
Paperback Boxed Set
Regularly $15.99
Sale price $11.97
All Kinds of Kisses - B: All Kinds of Kisses celebrates all the different kinds of kisses the little boy in this book shares with his animal friends.
All Kinds of Kisses - B
Board Book
Regularly $8.99
Sale price $6.97
All of Baby Nose to Toes - Board Book: Learn all the delightful parts of baby there are to love in this enchanting ode to babyhood with an infectious beat.
All of Baby Nose to Toes - Board Book
Board Book
Regularly $6.99
Sale price $4.97
Animal Adventures - Ocean: Get ready to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea with Animal Adventures, a play-and-learn set about the ocean and its inhabitants.
Animal Adventures - Ocean
Regularly $21.95
Sale price $14.97
Animal Spots and Stripes: Discover who's wearing the stripes and spots in the charming lift-the-flap book Animal Spots and Stripes.
Animal Spots and Stripes
Hardcover Book
Regularly $12.99
Sale price $9.97
Babyberry Pie: Join the rollicking fun of getting baby ready for bed, which involves a lot of berry shenanigans in Babyberry Pie.
Babyberry Pie
Hardcover Book
Regularly $16.99
Sale price $9.97
Backyard Babies Gift Wrap Kit: Create the most charmingly wrapped baby shower and birthday party gifts with the recycled Backyard Babies Gift Wrap Kit.
Backyard Babies Gift Wrap Kit
Regularly $7.99
Sale price $4.97
Badger's Parting Gifts - H: If there was one book I could send out to every child and adult who has ever lost someone they loved, Badger's Parting Gift is it.
Badger's Parting Gifts - H
Regularly $15.00
Sale price $8.97
Bamboo Mini Vehicle: An eco-friendly, mini bamboo vehicle that's sturdy and fun.
Bamboo Mini Vehicle
Regularly $5.95
Sale price $3.97
Beaver Is Lost: Beautiful illustrations tell the story of a little beaver making his way back home in the wordless picture book Beaver Is Lost.
Beaver Is Lost
Hardcover Book
Regularly $17.99
Sale price $7.97
Best Friends Forever: Filled with photographs of adorable babies with animals, Best Friends Forever captures that special bond between children and their pets.
Best Friends Forever
Hardcover Book
Regularly $14.95
Sale price $7.97
The Big Balloon Puzzle: Look closely at the pieces in The Big Balloon Puzzle to discover what vegetables were used to make the picture.
The Big Balloon Puzzle
Regularly $14.95
Sale price $8.97
Birthdays: Keep track of all the special dates throughout the year with this birthday organizer that comes with 12 birthday cards.
Regularly $16.95
Sale price $6.97

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