Music Making for Children the Chinaberry way

Make music fun for children with unique musical items they can play themselves which fosters excitement about music.

How do we make music fun for young children, when so many of the traditional musical instruments are not appropriate? Chinaberry finds unique products that produce music, like the thumb drum and zither lap harp. Scaled down for children's smaller size, they are heirloom-quality instruments that will get kids making their own wonderful sounds.

Toys, Games & Other Delights : Making Music

Blues Band Harmonica: This Hohner Blues Band Harmonica is a real musical instrument.
Blues Band Harmonica
Our price $5.95
Feadog Original Irish Whistle: This Irish tin whistle is the perfect beginning musical instrument for children.
Feadog Original Irish Whistle
Our price $14.95
Jack (The Rabbit)-in-the-Box: Jack, the Rabbit, like traditional Jack-in-the-Box toys, pops out of his box at the end of ''Here Comes Peter Cottontail.''
Jack (The Rabbit)-in-the-Box
Our price $29.95
Kid's Tambourine: This easy-to-hold wooden tambourine can make anyone a percussionist!
Kid's Tambourine
Our price $6.95
Thumb Drum: For a great first musical instrument for your child and the whole family, you can't go wrong with the wooden Thumb Drum.
Thumb Drum
Our price $29.95
Triangle Musical Set: Young children will delight in discovering the various sounds they can make with the features on this Triangle Musical Set.
Triangle Musical Set
Our price $24.95

Toys, Games & Other Delights: Making Music

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