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Turn to Chinaberry for a stellar selection of books that encourage effective, loving parenting and family togetherness.

Chinaberry offers parenting books that emphasize treating each other with respect, and allowing our children the freedom to grow into resourceful, loving people as well as books that emphasize and encourage the importance of home and family such as cookbooks, gardening books, family activity books, and books that offer a dose of humor as well.

Parenting & Home : Hardcover and Paperback Books

Perfect Recipes for Having People Over: Perfect Recipes for Having People Over is Pam Anderson's awesome cookbook for entertaining.
Perfect Recipes for Having People Over
Hardcover Book
Our price $35.00
Above All, Be Kind: An inspiring and practical guide for raising humane children who will grow up above all, to be kind and of service to the world, with Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility as their guides.
Above All, Be Kind
Price $11.79
Adulting: Extremely readable, wise, and funny, the book Adulting gives down-to-earth, very sensible advice on growing up and being on your own.
Paperback Book
Our price $14.99
Babies in the Rain - P: Learn how to promote play, exploration, and discovery with infants and toddlers with the detailed information in this book.
Babies in the Rain - P
Paperback Book
Our price $15.95
The Book of New Family Traditions: The Book of New Family Traditions is about simple ways to create unforgettable, everyday traditions for your family.
The Book of New Family Traditions
Paperback Book
Our price $17.00
Catch a Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite: There are timeless skills every child should know how to do: fly a  kite, skip a stone, play a blade of grass, etc. Make sure your children are introduced to these life ''necessities''!
Catch a Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite
Price $11.99
College Cooking: This will be a life-saver for any students facing living on their own for the first time.
College Cooking
Price $16.99
Confessions of a Slacker Mom: If you've been overwhelmed by what seems like the current obsession with ''super-parenting,'' then this book is for you. Give your children and yourself a break -- and a few laughs as well.
Confessions of a Slacker Mom
Price $9.39
Cooking Together: Have fun in the kitchen with your kids as you make the recipes in Cooking Together.
Cooking Together
Hardcover Book
Regularly $19.95
Sale price $11.97
The Courage To Raise Good Men: How do we raise our boys to be ''men'' and what do they lose in the process? This book examines this question and many more. Can a boy be contaminated by his mother's femininity? What if he's not '...
The Courage To Raise Good Men
Price $12.99
Don't Sit on the Baby: For a teen babysitting guide full of humor and good info, check out the book Don't Sit on the Baby.
Don't Sit on the Baby
Paperback Book
Our price $12.99
Fun and Games for the 21st Century Family: Enjoy fun and games using modern technology devices with the ideas in Fun and Games for the 21st Century.
Fun and Games for the 21st Century Family
Paperback Book
Regularly $14.95
Sale price $9.97
The Gift of an Ordinary Day: Read this mothers memoir of attempting to find herself during the shifting waters of midlife as her teenagers approach college-age.
The Gift of an Ordinary Day
Price $9.99
Grand-O-Grams: Grandparents can use the fun postcards in this book to keep in touch with the grandkids all year round.
Paperback Book
Our price $9.95
Grandloving: Here's a book we liked so much that we decided not only to carry it,  but our founder, Ann, wrote the foreword for it, too! Note: We have autographed copies while supplies last.
Paperback Book
Our price $18.95

Parenting & Home: Hardcover and Paperback Books

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