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Not Just a Witch: Heckie is as good-hearted a witch as you'd ever want to meet. In this hilarious book, she tries to use her magical powers to do good, but things never quite go as planned. Prepare yourself for a go...
Not Just a Witch
Price $5.39
Nutbrown Hare Collection 1: Spend a spring and summer's day with the loveable father and son duo of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare in this two-book collection.
Nutbrown Hare Collection 1
Hardcover Books
Regularly $17.99
Sale price $9.97
Nutbrown Hare Collection 2: Spend an autumn and winter's day with the loveable father and son duo of Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare in this two-book collection.
Nutbrown Hare Collection 2
Hardcover Books
Regularly $17.99
Sale price $9.97
Once Upon a Day: This spellbinding book is about a young woman who grows up in complete isolation and must enter the world to find the truth about her family.
Once Upon a Day
Price $10.20
Once Upon a Marigold: Here is an hilarious take-off on the classic fairy tale: princesses who need rescuing, princes who don't know they are princes, trolls, magical coincidences, true love.... you know the stuff. Warm,...
Once Upon a Marigold
Price $5.79
One Sneaky Sheep: In the book, One Sneaky Sheep, Nigel loves his beautiful wood coat, but sometimes too much of a good thing can lead to sticky situations.
One Sneaky Sheep
Hardcover Book
Regularly $14.95
Sale price $6.97
On the Blue Comet - P: On the Blue Comet is an exciting book that involes a boy who begins a time travel adventure on a train that was a toy train set.
On the Blue Comet - P
Paperback Book
Regularly $8.99
Sale price $6.97
Page: Book 2 of The Protector of the Small Quartet.
Price $6.99
Peek-a-Love - B: Lift the flaps and reveal the love in this brightly illustrated book for very young listeners.
Peek-a-Love - B
Board Book
Regularly $6.99
Sale price $4.97
The Phantom Tollbooth: Join young Milo as he escapes his boredom on a journey of linguistic acrobatics to the island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping, of course), the Foothills of Confusion, the Mountains of Igno...
The Phantom Tollbooth
Price $12.99
Picnic Playground: You and your kids wont be able to sit still with this lively, beats-from-far-and-wide music.
Picnic Playground
Compact Disc
Regularly $14.98
Sale price $9.97
Plain Truth: Psychological drama, murder mystery, and romance novel, this story, set in Amish country, will have you glued to your seat.
Plain Truth
Price $11.66
A Pocket Full of Kisses: A wonderful book for children with new or younger siblings, this  story reassures the child that there is plenty of a parent's love for everyone in the family.
A Pocket Full of Kisses
Price $10.59
Prayer for a Child: This beautiful classic treasure has been reissued for children of today. It is a perfect bedtime prayer book that will stay in your children's hearts always. Please note that the very last line of ...
Prayer for a Child
Price $6.99
Room for One More: This charming tale reinforces the spirit of compassion and generosity in an endearing way.
Room for One More
Hardcover Book
Regularly $13.95
Sale price $7.97

Chinaberry Outlet: Books & Audio

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