Craft Kits & Projects : Springtime Crafts

Kistka: This tool is used to apply melted beeswax to an egg when working with our Ukrainian PYSANKY KIT. If you have a few people  decorating eggs, you probably want a couple extra of these.
Our price $2.95
Pure Beeswax: Used with our Ukrainian PYSANKY KIT, each beeswax is the same size as that which comes in the original kit. Using a kistka tool, melted beeswax is applied to an egg.
Pure Beeswax
Our price $2.25
Pysanky Kit: This pysanky egg decorating kit comes complete with everything you'll need to make amazing, Ukrainian Easter Eggs this year.
Pysanky Kit
Our price $12.95

Craft Kits & Projects: Springtime Crafts

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