Books about Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Chinaberry is committed to offering children's books focused on spirituality and those that emphasize kindness and acceptance of all.

In order for our children to become independent, we as parents need to instill problem solving skills from an early age and allow our children to figure out the way to resolve conflict that works for them. Chinaberry offers an outstanding selection of books and audios that shine a light on these necessary traits.

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The Easter Egg: Jan Brett's beautifully illustrated book,  The Easter Egg, offers the message that each of us has out own unique talents.
The Easter Egg
Hardcover Book
Regularly $17.99
Sale price $9.97
Cheerful: A reissue of a beloved classic, Palmer Brown's Cheerful is about the adventures a city mouse faces when he sets off to find his mother's country home.
Hardcover Book
Our price $12.95
If I Never Forever Endeavor: If I Never Forever Endeavor is a wonderfully gentle book to help encourage your little fledgling to try new things.
If I Never Forever Endeavor
Hardcover Book
Our price $15.99
The Indian in the Cupboard: Omri's birthday brought him an assortment of gifts--a small plastic Indian, a mysterious cupboard, and a very old key that fit the cupboard. Just before going to bed, Omri puts his 3 inch high Indi...
The Indian in the Cupboard
Price $6.99
Jake and Lily - P: Told in turn by twins Jake and Lily, this book is a funny, touching story about growing up and becoming their individual, separate selves.
Jake and Lily - P
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
Kaspar the Titanic Cat: Don't miss this story of how Kaspar, King of Cats, finds himself on the Titanic that fateful night.
Kaspar the Titanic Cat
Hardcover Book
Our price $16.99
The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts: Written in an upbeat and practical style, this book offers young people concrete ways to work with conflict, and bullying, while teaching them how to stand up for themselves at home and at school.
The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts
Price $10.09
Let There Be Peace on Earth: This beloved peace anthem is now a beautifully illustrated picture book featuring peace symbols from around the world.
Let There Be Peace on Earth
Hardcover Book w/CD
Our price $18.99
Nature Girl: Nature Girl by Jane Kelley is a laugh-out-loud, riveting book about a girl who gets lost on the Appalachian Trail and decides to stay ''lost.''
Nature Girl
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
The Phantom Tollbooth: Join young Milo as he escapes his boredom on a journey of linguistic acrobatics to the island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping, of course), the Foothills of Confusion, the Mountains of Igno...
The Phantom Tollbooth
Price $12.99
The Rescuers - H: Full of suspense, adventure, and marvelous mouse antics, The Rescuers is a re-issued classic that is bound to delight and intrigue.
The Rescuers - H
Hardcover Book
Our price $14.95
The Sign of the Beaver: Alone in the Maine wilderness in the 1760's, a boy is faced with some serious challenges. Winter is coming, his family hasn't returned, and the Indian tribe that has befriended him is moving on. Wh...
The Sign of the Beaver
Price $5.79
Violet Mackerel Books - Set of 3: The Violet Mackerel books teach our early readers that when they focus on giving, the gifts they ultimately receive are truly rewarding.
Violet Mackerel Books - Set of 3
Paperback Books
Our price $17.97
Wisdom Stories: Wisdom Stories is a beautiful collection of 28 folktales from around the world, told with warmth, wit, and insight.
Wisdom Stories
Hardcover Book
Our price $19.99

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

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