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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Come aboard for a fantastic underwater adventure as Jim Weiss retells this classic tale.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Emily Windsnap's Four Swishy Tails: Follow the adventures of a girl who becomes a mermaid in the boxed set Emily Windsnap's Four Swishy Tails.
Emily Windsnap's Four Swishy Tails
Paperback Boxed Set
Regularly $26.99
Sale price $14.97
The Alphabet: Children will be enchanted with the mice nibbling through the pages of The Alphabet by Monique Felix.
The Alphabet
Hardcover Book
Our price $12.99
The Colossus Rises: The Colossus Rises is an exciting page-turner, packed with adventure and the mysteries of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.
The Colossus Rises
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
Dragon Rider: A rich tapestry of a fantasy novel about one dragon's quest for sanctuary in a rapidly changing world, Dragon Rider is a fascinating, satisfying yarn, perfect for young readers.
Dragon Rider
Price $7.39
Eldest: The journey started in Eragon continues in this, the second book of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance trilogy. (We have autographed copies while supplies last.)_
Price $9.99
Eragon: Sword and sorcery stories just don't get any better than this! With action and excitement galore as well mystery, intrigue and even a touch of romance, this whirlwind of a fantasy is just the ticke...
Price $9.99
Fairy Godmother Academy Set of 3: Follow 3 contemporary girls as they train to become fairy godmothers, women of service and wisdom.
Fairy Godmother Academy Set of 3
Paperback Books
Our price $21.97
First Test: Book 1 of The Protector of the Small quartet.
First Test
Price $8.99
Girls to the Rescue - Set of 3: Girls are the heroes in these Girls to the Rescue tales, picked by panels of girls from all over the country.
Girls to the Rescue - Set of 3
Paperback Books
Our price $14.97
The Great Tree of Avalon: Never disappointing, T.A. Barron continues his Merlin saga in The Great Tree of Avalon.
The Great Tree of Avalon
Price $7.99
The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom: The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is a funny, fast-paced 'fractured fairy tale' about who the four fairy tale Prince Charmings really are.
The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Paperback Book
Regularly $7.99
Sale price $5.97
Jinx: Orphan Jinx finds himself linked to an ancient forest?s fate when he apprentices to Simon the wizard and, with companions, takes on the evil Bonemaster.
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
Page: Book 2 of The Protector of the Small Quartet.
Price $6.99
The Paper Princess - P: Talk about art coming to life! Wait till you read the story of a paper princess, who after being carefully drawn by a little girl, gets blown away into many exciting adventures. A lovely story, thr...
The Paper Princess - P
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

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