Children's Bedtime Books and Audios from Chinaberry

Delight in a bedtime story with a book or audio from Chinaberry and savor the love of sharing stories with your little ones.

Send your children off to the land of nod enfolded in the comfort of a special story. Craft your own family sleepy time reading or listening tradition with the charming selection of children's books and audios selected by Chinaberry that are great to read and listen to at bedtime.

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Mystery Box 1: While we won't spoil the surprise by telling you what's in this Mystery Box, we can reveal that you'll get a variety of books for babies to 5-year-olds.
Mystery Box 1
Regularly $100.00
Sale price $39.97
Friendly Tales: Here is a collection of some of the Little Golden Books written by the author of Goodnight Moon.
Friendly Tales
Hardcover Book
Our price $10.99
Good Morning Toucan: Celebrate waking up in this lift-the-flap book that shows rainforest animals starting their day.
Good Morning Toucan
Hardcover Book
Our price $8.99
Good Night: Join thousands of Chinaberry families who have escorted their children to dreamland with these calm, peaceful visualizations. Jim's loving, trustworthy voice wraps your child in a blanket of safety...
Good Night
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Goodnight Moon - P: GOODNIGHT MOON is the CITIZEN KANE of children's literature! A young bunny bids a fond ''goodnight'' to all the important things in his room. From his mittens and kittens to his mom whispering ''hush''...
Goodnight Moon - P
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
Goodnight Owl: Celebrate going to sleep in this lift-the-flap book that shows animals of the forest ending their day.
Goodnight Owl
Hardcover Book
Our price $8.99
Hush Little Baby: ''A twist on the famous lullaby this rhyme focuses on the love of a mother and child rather than the 'buying' concept of the original. Warm brightly illustrations and the precious baby bunny are eng...
Hush Little Baby
Price $4.99
Hush, Little Horsie: Hush, Little Horsie is a beautifully illustrated book about mares watching over their foals.
Hush, Little Horsie
Hardcover Book
Regularly $16.99
Sale price $8.97
Me Baby, You Baby: Cuddle up with your own little one and spend a day, which includes a trip to the zoo, with the mothers and babies in this loving book.
Me Baby, You Baby
Hardcover Book
Regularly $14.99
Sale price $7.97
My Dad Is Big and Strong, But...: In Coralie Saudo's book My Dad Is Big and Strong, But- children will love Dad's antics in this role-reversal story of a familiar bedtime routine.
My Dad Is Big and Strong, But...
Hardcover Book
Our price $16.95
No Jumping on the Bed!: No Jumping on the Bed! is just as hilarious today as it was when it was first published 25 years ago.
No Jumping on the Bed!
Hardcover Book
Our price $16.99
Prayer for a Child: This beautiful classic treasure has been reissued for children of today. It is a perfect bedtime prayer book that will stay in your children's hearts always. Please note that the very last line of ...
Prayer for a Child
Price $6.99
Rock-a-Bye Farm: You and your children will be laughing out loud together as you watch the farmer rock each of his animals to sleep.
Rock-a-Bye Farm
Board Book
Our price $7.99
Sweet Dreams: Sweet dreams surely await you with these restful, calming visualizations. Make the journey to dreamland one of peace and serenity for your loved ones. (See detailed description to listen to sample.)
Sweet Dreams
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes: Delight in this celebration of babies all over the world who share the wonder of ten fingers and ten toes.
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Hardcover Book
Our price $16.99

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

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