Children's Books at Chinaberry


Stories that have withstood the test of time. Beloved children's books your children will eventually want to share with their children. Classics.

Fantasy & Science Fiction
Whether you're casting a magical spell, or traveling through time, fantasy and science fiction books can be among the most engaging, enlightening, and escapist of genres. How many of us adult bibliophiles discovered the joy of reading in the wonderful world of fantasy and sci-fi?

Adventure & Mythology
Archetypal tales of bravery and harrowing epics of derring-do. Action abounds in these adventure filled children's books and audiobooks.

Naughty or nice, timid or tricky, cute or crafty, folks have always been fascinated with the magical, hidden world of fairies. Explore the pure, enchanting magic of the fairy folk here.

Fairy Tales & Folktales
Handed down from generations past, these much-loved stories are both fun and involving, and contain within them basic lessons of right and wrong that can stick in a young readers mind.

History & Historical Fiction
Learning about the past can only help a young reader in their future. This selection contains fascinating factual books about history as well as highly entertaining, and ever so enlightening historical fiction to help bring the past to astounding life.

Animals, Nature, & the Environment
One thing will always remain true: Kids love animals. And they really love to read about them. This section contains a whole menagerie of children's books about animals and the delicate environment they call home.

Science & Geography
Delve into the intriguing world of science & geography in this section.

Mysteries & Scary Stories
Gently scary and mildly mysterious, the children's books in the spooky section really reach out and grab the young reader in search of suspenseful thrill.

School Issues
Dealing with the trials and tribulations that arise in school is one of childhood's greatest challenges. Books in this selection offer a refreshing, reassuring look at the issues your child may face during their life of learning.

This collection of books and audiobook presentations offers a view into the life of families both traditional and unique.

Love & Friendship
John Lennon was right: You will get by with a little help from your friends, and all you really need is love. These children's books celebrate the joys of friendship and the wonders of love.

Send your children off to the land of nod enfolded in the comfort of a special story. Craft your own family sleepy time reading tradition with our charming selection of children's books that are great to read at bedtime.

It's a wide, wide world out there. Sometimes, if you're lucky, it's a wide, wide world in your very own neighborhood. This children's book selection features a rainbow of diverse characters, exotic locations, and other celebrations of our planet's wonderful diversity.

Strong Females/Heroines
Because sometimes a princess has to save herself. An entire collection of stories to inspire young girls to be their own heroes!

Strong Males/Heroes
Our boys deserve gallant role models. This selection of stories features men and boys who do the right thing, brave any danger, stand up for justice, save the day, and never, ever cheat on their taxes.

Books and resources to guide you and your child through this important if somewhat awkward phase of life.

Coping with Difficult Times
Into every life, a little rain must fall. This selection of books tackles the difficult subjects of death and loss with heartfelt compassion and candor.

Spirituality & Kindness
Our selection of stories with a spiritual theme, this collection celebrates the deeper, and sometimes intangible aspects of our world.

Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
Teaching our children to solve their problems non-violently is one of parenting's most daunting challenges. The selection of stories in this category feature folks who find creative resolutions to life's inevitable battles.

Activity Books
Much more than mere busy work, Chinaberry's selection of activity books range from hilarious to fascinating to downright enlightening. Inspire your child with our fun and educational selections.

Learn about nature, history, geography, biology, and much more with our fact-filled trivia selections.

Because everyone can use a good laugh, Chinaberry is happy to offer a selection of joke books and other humorous tales for young comedians and other readers in the mood to guffaw.

Nothing adds to a holiday celebration quite like a good holiday storybook. Here you'll find touching tales of Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, and many other traditional holidays.

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