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Chinaberry Collections: New Arrivals

Brain Tickling Science: With more than 20 experiments, the Brain Tickling Science kit provides a fun and creative way to learn about science.
Brain Tickling Science
Our price $19.95
Building Emotional Intelligence: Building Emotional Intelligence is about cultivating inner resilience in children to ease stress, anxiety, and fear.
Building Emotional Intelligence
Paperback w/CD
Regularly $16.95
Our price $13.47
Busy Puzzle Pad: With a mind boggling variety of puzzles, this Busy Puzzle Pad is great for when kids are bored or you're traveling.
Busy Puzzle Pad
Our price $5.99
The Camper's Knot Tying: Learn how to tie different knots with The Camper's Knot Tying set.
The Camper's Knot Tying
Regularly $6.98
Our price $6.47
Carl at the Dog Show: In Carl at the Dog Show, Rottweiler Carl and the toddler he looks after explore a dog show.
Carl at the Dog Show
Hardcover Book
Regularly $14.99
Sale price $8.97
Cat with Seven Names: Read how one cat manages to bring people together in the book The Cat with Seven Names by Tony Johnston.
Cat with Seven Names
Hardcover Book
Regularly $16.95
Our price $12.47
Cinderella Smith Set of 2: Young girls will love reading about Cinderella Smith, and they'll relate to her bravado as she figures out how to deal with her former friends.
Cinderella Smith Set of 2
Paperback Books
Regularly $11.98
Our price $9.47
Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox: Delight in the brave, wily Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox, who answers the huntsmen's challenge every day and leads everyone on wild chases and adventures!
Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox
Paperback Book
Our price $5.99
City Ride SUV Car on Track: Put together the track and watch the car drive through the city with this City Ride SUV Car on Track set.
City Ride SUV Car on Track
Regularly $19.95
Our price $18.47
Clay at Play - Dino Mania: The Dino Mania Clay at Play set will keep young dinosaur lovers busy creating their own clay dino friends.
Clay at Play - Dino Mania
Regularly $14.99
Sale price $8.97
Clay at Play - Fun on the Farm: Make farm animals out of modeling clay with Fun on the Farm Clay at Play craft kit.
Clay at Play - Fun on the Farm
Regularly $14.99
Sale price $8.97
Collapsible Beverage Dispenser: Perfect for picnics, beach trips, or parties, the Collapsible Beverage Dispenser holds 2 gallons.
Collapsible Beverage Dispenser
Our price $15.45
Counting Kisses & Ten Tiny Tickles: Counting Kisses and Ten Tiny Tickles are two books filled with babies to kiss, tickle, and count!
Counting Kisses & Ten Tiny Tickles
Hardcover Books
Regularly $31.98
Sale price $12.97
Create-a-Scene Magnetic Construction Site: With this Create a Scene Magnetic Construction Site, little workers can move magnetic pieces around to create their own scenes.
Create-a-Scene Magnetic Construction Site
Our price $8.95
Create-a-Scene Magnetic Enchanted Kingdom: Children enraptured with princesses and castles will love moving around the magnetic figures in our Magnetic Enchanted Kingdom Create a Scene.
Create-a-Scene Magnetic Enchanted Kingdom
Our price $8.95

Chinaberry Collections: New Arrivals

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