Multiculturalism at Chinaberry

Show children a world outside their own.

Chinaberry celebrates cultures both ancient and present-day by offering children's products and stories that fascinate and educate.

Chinaberry Collections: Multiculturalism at Chinaberry

Arabian Nights: Who isn't intrigued by the exotic stories from The Arabian Nights? Jim Weiss retells four of them here to delight and enthrall young listeners. (See detailed description to listen to sample.)
Arabian Nights
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Beads for Learning: Help support education in Kenya and Maasai women artisans when you buy this colorful Zulugrass bead bracelet.
Beads for Learning
Our price $12.95
Book of a Thousand Days: Book of a Thousand Days, a marvelously written story of two young women imprisoned in a tower for seven years, is destined to be a classic.
Book of a Thousand Days
Paperback Book
Our price $9.99
The Cats in the Doll Shop - P: In the book The Cats in the Doll Shop, stray cats and stray cousins from Moscow join the crowded but happy, loving home/doll shop in NYC.
The Cats in the Doll Shop - P
Paperback Book
Regularly $5.99
Sale price $4.97
Celtic Treasures: No one does it better than Jim Weiss! In this collection of stories, he has picked Celtic tales that will stir your heart and get you ready to go off on your own quest for adventure. (See detailed ...
Celtic Treasures
Compact Disc
Our price $13.95
Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths: Join Jim Weiss as he leads us into the world of Egyptian mythology and mystery! The marvels and mysteries of this ancient world come alive in this exciting, enlightening journey. (See detailed desc...
Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Girls to the Rescue - Set of 3: Girls are the heroes in these Girls to the Rescue tales, picked by panels of girls from all over the country.
Girls to the Rescue - Set of 3
Paperback Books
Our price $14.97
Johnny Appleseed & Other American Legends: Introduce young children Johnny Appleseed, Sacagawea, and John Muir with this CD that brings these legendary characters to life.
Johnny Appleseed & Other American Legends
Compact Disc
Our price $12.95
Not One Damsel in Distress: Tooled for girls,Jane Yolen's book gives us folktales from around the world rife with girl power.
Not One Damsel in Distress
Hardcover Book
Our price $21.00
Prosperity Hens: Hang these colorful hens in your home to invite a little bit more prosperity into your life.
Prosperity Hens
Our price $22.95
Tales From Cultures Far and Near: Six stories from around the world that offer some humor, romance, wisdom and some understanding of our shared humanity. You can't go wrong with Jim Weiss! (See detailed description to listen to sam...
Tales From Cultures Far and Near
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Tales from Old Ireland - P and CD: The Irish have always been known for their love of a good tale and this book and CD set is full of them.
Tales from Old Ireland - P and CD
Paperback Book w/CDs
Regularly $16.99
Sale price $11.97
Tikki Tikki Tembo: This classic retelling of an old Chinese folktale has been delighting children for decades!
Tikki Tikki Tembo
Paperback Book
Our price $6.95

Chinaberry Collections: Multiculturalism at Chinaberry

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