Chinaberry's Books with Strong Male Characters and Heroes

Offer boys good examples of kind, loyal, strong, trustworthy, heroic boys and men in books and audio CDs from Chinaberry.

Now more than ever boys need true heroes in stories and audio books since many of today's music artists, athletes, and actors do not exemplify traits such as loyalty, trustworthiness, strength of character. Chinaberry's choice of books with strong male characters and heroes offers boys images of men and boys who are true heroes.

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

The Three Musketeers & Robin Hood: Downplaying violence and emphasizing character, Jim Weiss presents these various tales from Robin Hood and The Three Musketeers with plenty of excitement for your young adventure-lovers! (See detai...
The Three Musketeers & Robin Hood
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
Treasure Island - CD: Introduce your children to Robert Louis Stephenson's Treasure Island with this amazing Jim Weiss CD.
Treasure Island - CD
Compact Disc
Our price $14.95
The Water Castle: In The Water Castle, children have to use science and magic to solve the mystery of the Fountain of Youth said to be hidden in the castle.
The Water Castle
Paperback Book
Our price $7.99

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

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