Books about Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Chinaberry is committed to offering children's books focused on spirituality and those that emphasize kindness and acceptance of all.

In order for our children to become independent, we as parents need to instill problem solving skills from an early age and allow our children to figure out the way to resolve conflict that works for them. Chinaberry offers an outstanding selection of books and audios that shine a light on these necessary traits.

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

The Abandoned: The Abandoned by Paul Gallico is a masterpiece about a young boy who wakes from an accident and finds himself to be a cat.
The Abandoned
Hardcover Book
Our price $15.95
The Absolute Value of Mike: You'll love Mike, a level-headed boy who helps a town raise money to adopt a boy in The Absolute Value of Mike.
The Absolute Value of Mike
Paperback Book
Our price $7.99
Bette Brown Bear Learns to Share: In Bette Brown Bear Learns to Share, Margie K. Carroll pairs her photographs of brown bears in Alaska with her storytelling skills.
Bette Brown Bear Learns to Share
Hardcover Book
Our price $19.95
Cheerful: A reissue of a beloved classic, Palmer Brown's Cheerful is about the adventures a city mouse faces when he sets off to find his mother's country home.
Hardcover Book
Our price $12.95
Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey: Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey by Michael Morpurgo is a touching story about the friendship forged between a humble donkey and the Doge's daughter in Venice.
Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey
Paperback Book
Our price $10.99
Let There Be Peace on Earth: This beloved peace anthem is now a beautifully illustrated picture book featuring peace symbols from around the world.
Let There Be Peace on Earth
Hardcover Book w/CD
Our price $18.99
Nature Girl: Nature Girl by Jane Kelley is a laugh-out-loud, riveting book about a girl who gets lost on the Appalachian Trail and decides to stay ''lost.''
Nature Girl
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
100 Things To Do Before You Grow Up: 100 Things to Do Before You Grow Up is full of things for kids to accomplish, experience, learn, and discover.
100 Things To Do Before You Grow Up
Paperback Book
Our price $9.99
The Rescuers - H: Full of suspense, adventure, and marvelous mouse antics, The Rescuers is a re-issued classic that is bound to delight and intrigue.
The Rescuers - H
Hardcover Book
Our price $14.95
The Secret Box: In The Secret Box by Whitaker Ringwald, Jax and her cousins embark on a dangerous journey when a secret box arrives on Jax's birthday.
The Secret Box
Hardcover Book
Our price $16.99
Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave: In the mystery Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave, Colophon has to help find her family's treasure in time to save their publishing company from ruin.
Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
The Sunflower Sword: The Sunflower Sword is a wonderful story about how a little boy and his sunflower sword transform the world of fighting knights and dragons.
The Sunflower Sword
Hardcover Book
Regularly $16.95
Sale price $7.97
The Trouble with Magic: Find out if magic is trouble when it pops into your life from an old rusty bottle in Ruth Chew's classic The Trouble with Magic.
The Trouble with Magic
Paperback Book
Our price $5.99
Violet Mackerel Books - Set of 3: The Violet Mackerel books teach our early readers that when they focus on giving, the gifts they ultimately receive are truly rewarding.
Violet Mackerel Books - Set of 3
Paperback Books
Our price $17.97
Violet Mackerel's Outside-the-Box Set: Violet Mackerel's Outside-the-Box Set is a boxed set of the first four books in the Violet Mackerel series.
Violet Mackerel's Outside-the-Box Set
Paperback Boxed Set
Our price $19.99
Winter Sky: Girl, dog, sky, and stars weave together in Winter Sky, Patricia Reilly Giff's action-packed story of coming of age with a firefighter father.
Winter Sky
Hardcover Book
Our price $15.99

Books and Audio: Children's Books & Audios by Topic

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