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All Our Favorite Family-friendly music CDs

Chinaberry is proud to offer kid's music CDs. Our reputation of selecting only music we ourselves like to hear brings our customers back for more music families love.

Books and Audio: Audios for Children

Celtic Christmas III: This Celtic-inspired music is just as heart-warming in the heat of Summer as it is in the dark of winter.
Celtic Christmas III
Compact Disc
Regularly $15.95
Sale price $11.97
Celtic Treasures: No one does it better than Jim Weiss! In this collection of stories, he has picked Celtic tales that will stir your heart and get you ready to go off on your own quest for adventure. (See detailed ...
Celtic Treasures
Compact Disc
Our price $13.95
Making Good Noise: Celebrate the fun of making music with this clever, catchy CD featuring various musical instruments.
Making Good Noise
Compact Disc
Our price $16.98
Music To Inspire Positive Thinking: Get out of the doldrums by boosting your alpha and beta brainwaves with this scientifically designed music.
Music To Inspire Positive Thinking
Compact Disc
Our price $17.98
Picnic Playground: You and your kids wont be able to sit still with this lively, beats-from-far-and-wide music.
Picnic Playground
Compact Disc
Regularly $14.98
Sale price $9.97
Sunny Christmas: Sunny Christmas by Renee & Jeremy is a kids' music CD that adults will love just as much as children.
Sunny Christmas
Compact Disc
Our price $6.95
Waterfall: We have this magical, beautiful flamenco music playing as background music here all the time. Mario's lovely guitar just seems to keep us sane when life gets crazy.
Compact Disc
Our price $17.98
When You Wish Upon a Star: Singer Judy Collins and illustrator Eric Puybaret beautifully blend music and art to bring the classic song When You Wish Upon a Star to life.
When You Wish Upon a Star
Hardcover Book w/CD
Regularly $17.95
Sale price $7.97

Books and Audio: Audios for Children

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