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Books and Audio: Age 8 and Up

The Period Book: Puberty can be such a hard time. So many changes, so many questions, excitement, embarassment, you name it. This book will be a trusted friend helping a young girl to feel happy and confident about...
The Period Book
Paperback Book
Our price $9.99
The Secret Box: In The Secret Box by Whitaker Ringwald, Jax and her cousins embark on a dangerous journey when a secret box arrives on Jax's birthday.
The Secret Box
Hardcover Book
Our price $16.99
Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave: In the mystery Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave, Colophon has to help find her family's treasure in time to save their publishing company from ruin.
Secrets of Shakespeare's Grave
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
Stargirl - P: Mustering the courage to be true to oneself while traveling the treacherous seas of high school conformity can be a daunting task. Readers who meet Stargirl in this joyous book may just find the i...
Stargirl - P
Paperback Book
Our price $8.99
T.A. Barron's Merlin Series - Set of 5: This epic series is truly THE BEST OF THE BEST of what children's literature has in store for us out there. We follow the path of a young boy who finds out he is the great wizard Merlin. You will b...
T.A. Barron's Merlin Series - Set of 5
Paperback Books
Our price $39.95
Tuck Everlasting: Are they blessed or doomed? The Tuck family has tasted the waters of a magical spring that grants eternal life. The story explores the complexities of the age-old dream of living forever. Flawles...
Tuck Everlasting
Paperback Book
Our price $6.99
Uncle John's iFlush Swimming in Science: There is so much going on in Uncle John's iFlush Swimming in Science that it could take quite a while to discover everything it covers.
Uncle John's iFlush Swimming in Science
Hardcover Book
Our price $12.95
Uncle John's Infomania: Uncle John's Infomania has loads of trivia, quotes, and wacky facts from science, history, math, sports, and entertainment that entice kids to read!
Uncle John's Infomania
Paperback Book
Our price $9.95
The Usborne Travel Activity Book: Keep children occupied with The Usborne Travel Activity Book on your next trip.
The Usborne Travel Activity Book
Paperback Book
Our price $12.99
The Water Castle: In The Water Castle, children have to use science and magic to solve the mystery of the Fountain of Youth said to be hidden in the castle.
The Water Castle
Paperback Book
Our price $7.99
Weird But True Collector's Set: The Weird but True Collector's Set has 900 outrageous, mind-bending, wacky facts packed into 3 books.
Weird But True Collector's Set
Paperback Boxed Set
Our price $23.95
What's Going on Down There?: Knowing that puberty can be an overwhelming experience, filled with questions and anxieties, the author has recruited a 13 and 11-year-old boy as advisors on what boys want to know. She uses plain ...
What's Going on Down There?
Paperback Book
Our price $9.99
Wild Wings: Wild Wings is a marvelous book about caring for wild osprey, making true friends, and dealing with all the hurdles life can bring.
Wild Wings
Paperback Book
Our price $7.99
Winter Sky: Girl, dog, sky, and stars weave together in Winter Sky, Patricia Reilly Giff's action-packed story of coming of age with a firefighter father.
Winter Sky
Hardcover Book
Our price $15.99
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook will prepare you for whatever dire circumstance you might find yourself facing.
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
Paperback Book
Regularly $9.99
Sale price $6.97

Books and Audio: Age 8 and Up

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